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We are no longer using the SLA-CTOR listserv. Please refer to our page on SLA Connect for more details about SLA’s new online community, and how to stay up-to-date on our chapter’s events and activities.

An electronic discussion group for the members of the SLA Toronto Chapter.

Contents: | What is SLA-CTOR? | Why should I subscribe? | Subscription Management | What about archives? | Netiquette Guidelines | Administration

What is SLA-CTOR?

The SLA Toronto Chapter’s Discussion List (SLA-CTOR) is the electronic discussion group of the SLA Toronto Chapter. The Toronto Chapter has over 600 members drawn mainly from the Greater Toronto Area and other parts of Ontario, Canada. This list is to provide an electronic forum for discussion and communication among SLA Toronto members and information professionals in the community. It is open to all subscribers.

Why should I subscribe?

The SLA Toronto Chapter’s Discussion List will be your Toronto connection to information professionals. It will:

  • keep you informed about all upcoming Toronto chapter meetings and events
  • get you in the loop about SLA International events – conferences and accommodations
  • let you know the latest job openings in the information field
  • be a place to post your own “looking for work” notice
  • be a place where you can post job opportunity notices
  • be a group of people you can call on when looking for information – how to locate a special report, what others have done in preparing policies for the library or company, what others have experienced with specific software.

Managing your subscription and posting to the list


STEP 1: Please fill out the following form, so that the Toronto Chapter has an official record of your express consent. By filling out this form, you will help the Toronto Chapter comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

STEP 2: To ACTUALLY SUBSCRIBE to the mailing list, go to Enter your email address and name, put a check in the box next to Toronto Chapter, and click Subscribe.


To post a message to the list: Send your message to For more information on appropriate discussion topics, please see the information above.

To modify your subscription preferences: You can manage your list subscription by logging into the web interface at Click on “My Account” at the left. Here you can update your email address and change your subscription options (receive messages immediately, receive a daily digest, or turn off mail delivery if you are going on vacation).

To unsubscribe: Log into the web interface at Click on “My Forums” at the left. You will see SLA-CTOR in your list. Click the “Unsubscribe” link to the right.

For more tips on using SLA discussion lists, go to

What about archives?

Go to and enter your email address. On the next page, click on “SLA-CTOR” under Forum Name. You will see the current list of messages, and you can click “Next” to continue reading the archived messages, dating back at least to 2004. There is also a search function.

Netiquette Guidelines for Toronto SLA Chapter

The SLA Toronto Chapter’s discussion list is a service provided at no charge to subscribers abiding by a few simple etiquette guidelines. While no serious difficulties have ever been experienced, the following orientation is offered for the benefit of all. The list’s purpose is to provide a forum for exchange of information among information professionals who are members or friends of the SLA Toronto Chapter. All subscribers are encouraged to use the list to benefit from the community’s collective insight and to contribute wherever possible.

As the list is open to a wide community and there are no confidentiality provisions, common sense prevails: Posts are seen by a trusted community of fellow professionals, but no one would want to post anything that could potentially cause damage or embarrassment if it were shared beyond the list. (Some put it this way: Don’t post anything you would not want to see on the front page of the newspaper with your name attached.) Posts should reflect a positive, respectful spirit.

Remember – You are interacting with people. It is easy to forget that a person sits on the other side of a message to the list, and this may lead subscribers to write messages they would not otherwise, potentially causing other subscribers to be angry or hurt. As such, when posting to the list, one should always consider themselves as having a face-to-face conversation with someone, and strive to keep debate civil.

Use of disrespectful, abusive, defamatory, profane and/or threatening language of any kind will constitute a violation of the positive, respectful spirit of the list. Determination of whether specific postings violate these guidelines shall be at the sole discretion of the Toronto Chapter Executive. The Chapter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke a user’s subscription to the list.

New members of the SLA Toronto Chapter are regularly added to the discussion list by the Membership Director and Discussion List Manager.

Questions about how the list works can be directed to the Discussion List Manager.

Best Practices

List-Wide versus Off-List responses

  • Posters may request that responses be sent privately as opposed to the entire list. It is regarded as a courtesy in such situations for the requester to summarize the responses in a later post without indicating the names of responders.
  • If forwarding a message that was not originally sent to the list, include a note indicating that you have the author’s permission to post it.

Reciprocal Posting Arrangements with other Organizations

SLA Toronto has a collegial relationship with many other professional associations and organizations, and if these organizations would like to post to the Chapter discussion list, they should contact the Discussion List Manager to arrange a reciprocal agreement for posting to each organization’s respective list. At any time, SLA Toronto reserves the right to remove messages posted by organizations that have not sought a reciprocal relationship with the chapter.

Even if a reciprocal arrangement is in place, solicitation of volunteers by other organizations on the Discussion List is never appropriate.

Scope of Topics: Queries and Announcements

Appropriate topics for discussion list postings include the following:

  • Core topics associated directly with our profession, ranging from specific queries such as “where can I get a copy of publication A” or “does anyone have a fix for technical problem B” to more general ones such as “can you offer assistance in my search for C” or “what is your experience with D product, software, service, or company.”
  • Queries such as “how have you dealt with a situation in which E occurs …” or “what would you recommend given F circumstances.”
  • Calls for contributions to the Courier, conferences, and other events.
  • Calls for volunteers to serve on SLA committees or run for elected office.
  • Announcements of SLA and non-SLA (subject to a reciprocal arrangement) events, activities, and courses of potential interest to list subscribers (including vendor sessions free of charge).
  • Links to publications or websites of likely interest to subscribers, preferably with a synopsis of the content.
  • Job postings or requests for referral to individuals with specific expertise.
  • Self-introductions from new subscribers or job seekers, and career news – job changes and e.g. the establishment of a new business or blog (see below for the recommended subject line).

Note: The SLA community supports collegialism. Therefore, although the SLA Toronto discussion is not a Craigslist type service, postings more peripherally related to our profession are still welcome. For example: “I am going to City G for a conference – would be grateful for tips on libraries and museums to visit while I am there.”

Subject Line of Posts: Tell the story so readers can decide to open or skip the message

Please state in the subject line key information to help readers determine if the post is relevant or if they may skip the post without opening it.

  • Seeking publication: {details so readers can determine if the needed item is in their domain}
  • Found – Seeking publication: {readers will know to stop looking for the needed item}
  • Job Opening: {details so readers can decide on relevance – e.g. industry, level, etc}
  • Thanks – Response Summary for Query on H: {readers will already know it is or is not relevant}
  • Looking for work: Have experience in … {readers will immediately know whether to open the post}
  • Event: {details}
  • Announcement: {details}

Identify Yourself

It is best practice to include a few lines at the end of your message indicating your name and e-mail address. Those who do not identify themselves may be considered to be Internet “trolls” and the Chapter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke such a user’s subscription to the list.

Comments or Questions

Please direct any comments, questions, or concerns to the Discussion List Manager or the Toronto Chapter Executive.


The SLA Toronto Chapter’s Discussion List is an un-moderated list, but only subscribers may post messages. The software program ListProc is used to provide an automated method for persons to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. Questions about the SLA Toronto mailing list may be directed to Caroline Chung at carolineb.chung @

If problems arise, they should be referred to the List Manager or to the Toronto Chapter Executive, as should any comments and suggestions about the functioning and policy of the list.

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