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Vendor’s Corner: Akendi

Akendi is a Canadian consultancy with usability researchers, user experience architects & service designers. We are passionate about the creation of intentional experiences – whether those involve digital products, mobile, web portals or bricks-and-mortar interactions. We work with you to create evidence-based digital product and service experiences. We help you align your organisational strategies with client goals by applying user research, innovative design and user validation so that you will deliver the highest quality experiences.

Library and information centres are constantly asked to prove their value to their parent organisations.  By applying evidence-based methods to create your Library’s information products, finding aids, websites, mobile sites or mobile apps, as well as services, your users and stakeholders’ goals are able to be met in ways that best serve their needs.  When products and services fulfill stakeholder and users’ goals very well, the Library’s value is indisputable.  Akendi can also work with you to create metrics and performance measures to illustrate exactly how and where your Library is adding value.

Akendi’s process is a rigorous, repeatable research and design process – Human Experience Design. We use scientific and systematic steps involving you, your users and your stakeholders – at the right time, in the right amount.


Cindy Beggs
Partner, Director of Experience Research
225 Richmond Street West, Suite 402
Toronto, ON M5V 1W2
Tel: (866) 565.1660

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